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Kathleen Savage

Singing tuition in person and online

Love your voice!

I am an experienced singing teacher based in North Weald providing singing tuition for students of all ages.

Whether you are interested in Classical Singing, Musical Theatre, or just want to improve your vocal ability, then please see How It Works for more details.

Kathleen Savage

Singing has been a huge part of my life since I can remember, not just because I grew up in a household of musicians where music permeated the house, but because I could explore music and express myself with freedom.  In those days of innocence I felt no inhibition, subsequently enjoying a wonderful music education from junior school right through to tertiary education, all based around music and singing - the one thing in which I had confidence.


All I wanted to do was to perform, and an exciting career beckoned.  I loved it.  I felt I could sing anything and took all the work that was offered irrespective of whether it suited my light, Soubrette quality, and without being mindful of the bigger picture.   All good things......sheer youthful enthusiasm led me to overwork my voice and unsurprisingly it began to deteriorate.  Nobody but myself realised at first but eventually I had to concede that I couldn’t fulfil engagements.  I was devastated, more for the fact that I was losing the very essence of my being than the missed opportunities.  For a time I felt invisible, worthless, lifeless.


However, life goes on and it was comforting to learn that other professionals who had suffered a similar voice crash were, nonetheless, able to recover.  A number of coincidental meetings and events led to my association with two wonderful mentors who recognised my trauma. Their knowledge and understanding were invaluable, helping me to get back on track and prompting me to continue my vocal work, building on my experiences both as a performer and teacher.  I now know that I was meant to be doing the work I do: nurturing young voices, instilling a good technique, guiding young professionals with their progression and maintenance, rehabilitating “shot” voices, and helping those who just love to sing, to get the best from their instrument.  

We all have a voice, it is intrinsic to our soul, and when it works well it is exhilarating.  What music we can create! 


I am a member of the British Voice Association, Musicians’ Union, and am DBS checked.


Why I do what I do...

Kathleen Savage
How It Works

Lesson structure and content

Booking a lesson

The basic format of a lesson is:
Warm-up, Work out, Repertoire, Cool down. This varies according to the needs of the individual:

  • Professional singers may wish to proceed quickly to repertoire particularly if they have an impending audition, but I always strive to help them maintain a healthy technique.

  • Students with more experience can develop their technical skills, enabling them to accomplish more advanced repertoire.

  • Younger singers need to develop their musicianship, alongside gaining technical tools, fitting for their age and vocal ability.

If students wish to prepare for examinations, the lessons include sight-singing and aural exercises depending on the Examination Board.

Above all, healthy vocal production is paramount!

Lessons can be taken in person at my studio in North Weald, Epping, or online via ‘Zoom’.


Existing clients can access the Members' area for online priority booking, special offers, motivational tips and exclusive invitations to my intensive musicianship workshops.


For new clients, please email me and I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


55 minute lesson (in person):


55 minute online lesson (Zoom):



25 minute lesson (in person):


25 minute online lesson (Zoom):



All sessions are payable in advance.

Student online

Please see my

booking terms and conditions

for further details.

How It Works



Feedback . . .

"I started lessons with Kath way into my professional singing career.  Prior to these lessons, I would often feel as though I had to work and push excessively hard, in order to produce a good and powerful sound.


Sometimes I would not be able to speak the day after a weekend of gigs. Initially I called up another vocal coach who highly recommended Kath… lessons with her were the best investment I could have made. I was taught how to look after my voice and to use it economically.


I'm singing songs I never would have imagined I'd sing.  Kath pushes you to the limit, sets you what seems an impossible challenge, and yet wins every time!"

Elizabeth C., Actress/Singer/Backing Vocalist

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