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Performing (Part 2)

Here are three scenarios, all of which are performances:

  • an exam

  • an audition

  • a full scale solo performance with orchestra

However low or high profile, small-scale or “highbrow”, a performance is a performance.

All scenarios have this in common, and there is little satisfaction in hoping for the best rather than aiming to perform your best. Preparation, as always, is key.

Plan your preparation en route to the performance date; a simple format could be:

  • Know your repertoire - conquer those tricky corners including accompaniment issues;

  • Understand the lyrics;

  • Learn from memory, being comfortable standing without the music stand and sheet music;

  • Set dates for mock performances so that you are on top of the basics outlined above;

  • Punctuate your practice sessions with previously worked-on pieces, keeping alive the enjoyment of singing and to keep a perspective;

  • Make sure that there is rehearsal time with your accompanist or orchestra.

Have pride in being the best you can be, whatever level of ability you are. You will be able to enjoy singing in any situation if you have prepared in a measured way.

Do read a Blog Performing, Part 1. A breakdown of the scenarios mentioned above will be discussed in future blogs.

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