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Coming Out Of Remoteness

At long last most of us have been able to welcome the resumption of face-to-face teaching. It’s been a relief that students have accepted and indeed have appreciated the implementation of Covid-19 safety measures of hand-sanitising, perspex screening between teacher and student, and as little sheet music sharing as possible; of course music stands and door handles are wiped down between lessons, as well as the loo and the changing of hand towels. I also endeavour to implement a “buffer zone” ** between students to open doors and windows fully to allow more extensive ventilation ..... the window by my piano is open all the time so I need jumpers at the ready!

Lots of adjustments have been made by all involved but the benefits of being comfortable in a working environment cannot be underestimated. Singing is such a laying bare of the self that trust between student and teacher is crucial, and the environment plays a part.

A student who I have not yet met face-to-face, who only began lessons with me last year during the lockdowns, has now booked some in-person sessions. I am so looking forward to meeting her, being able to accompany her live with no streaming glitches. I imagine she will be nervous and it is in my remit to help her feel comfortable.

Who had heard of Zoom or MS Teams et al before March 2020? Remote teaching was new to many of us. It served us well considering the pandemic situation, allowing us to retain some part of our lives that makes us tick. With permission from the student or parent, videoing the lesson proved a useful practice tool, but I know that good POSTURE *** has been neglected to some degree due to the angle of the computer screens. Remote teaching will continue to offer some benefits, including when students are time-challenged, need a last minute boost, or live abroad and are unable to travel. For the finer points of singing face-to-face teaching is best in my opinion, but it’s good to know that we now have a viable alternative.

**This “buffer zone” has resulted in change of available times; please get in touch if you can’t find the slot you may normally book.

***See Blog 2

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